CHINA, Yanzikou Village Revival and Golf Course Tourism , North of Beijing

In the mountainous, green valleys to the north of Beijing lies the old village of Yanzikou, which contains temples and churches as landmarks. The valley road passing the village , along a creek in a lush valley, leads to an abandoned golf course resort area that will be revived as an Ecological Tourism and Golf Course Community.

In this proposal, the existing village is integrated with new mixed use structures, gateways, plazas and hotels avoiding ghost town syndrome when developers demolish villages and flatten hills and natural terrains and eliminate socio/ecological features of the sites. This new community will enhance and preserve traditional architecture, local cultural and folkloric traditions. Not that far from the village there is a Ming Dynasty Emperors Tombs associated with caretaker villages and also BadaLing Station of Great Wall in proximity which makes Yanzikou village tourism significance more obvious

Frank Sabouri with BMP Shanghai.