SAUDI ARABIA, Al Wasl New Town, integrated with Wadis system as linear Parks, Riyadth Saudi Arabia

This sustainable new town in the outskirts of Riyadh in Saudi Arabia is a great example of the integration of Wadis (seasonal dry flood rivers) within densely populated tissues. It is a part of a New Town for 250,000 residents with a variety of residential typologies, court yards, passive and active solar considerations and pedestrian friendly shaded alleys and public spaces. Major regional Wadis (dry flood plains) traversing the new urban texture, transformed into linear park system ( dry, wet and green elements) connecting neighborhoods and integrating with shaded pedestrian networks.

This is a collaboration of a number of US Firms and our mandate was to develop Urban Design Guidelines for the Single Family Villas and Townhouses, based on culture, vernacular vocabulary in a hot/arid zone.

Special Urban Design and Architectural Code was developed to facilitate and coordinate many layers of builders to come up with a sense of Diversity within Unity and not lose the Essence of the Place and responsiveness to the hot, arid climate.

( with Gruzen Samson New York. and Peter Calthorpe, California )