EGYPT, Egypt Academic Villages

Overcrowded and small structures in dense urban areas such as Cairo and Alexandria do not fit with the spirit of the new age for educational and pedagogical environment. A World Bank project sponsored the feasibility of creating satellite academic villages in outskirts of the major cities in Egypt. A few sites were identified and this pilot project was designed.
The project encompasses design and construction of affordable, environment friendly, world-class private schools in Egypt capable of collectively accommodating 150,000 K-11 students. It was planned for 10 clusters of 15,000 students each, at the outskirts of Cairo and Alexandria among the others.
This Village, based on high tech and vernacular architecture, has been designed to grow organically, while absorbing and integrating with new technologies and discoveries, responding to hot/arid climate, Resident Energy ( solar, wind, geothermal ) and reflecting traditional/cultural learning environments. . Academic Spine includes functions which need air-conditioning , like libraries, science labs, lecture halls ( Active Solar ) and the adjacent courtyards and walls , which house the garden-classrooms and smaller meeting rooms , reflect traditional technologies; wind towers, double layer walls and roofs ( Passive Solar ).
There is a potential of integrating mixed-use and more public educational entities with the Central Spine and Edge Zone , offering higher order of educational, health and entertainment to deprived communities in outskirts of major cities. Certain areas such as Central Spine, Playgrounds, Libraries and associated retail areas could be always open to public, without interfering with the Pedagogical Environment, hence bringing socio/cultural richness to people of Egypt. Educational villages also provide educated, high tech architecture and urban design practical solutions to the larger population.
Development of this project is led by a consortium of private Egyptian and international financiers and entrepreneurs including The International Finance Corporation ( a member of the World Bank )
(with PSS )