USA, Ramapo College Dormitories, North New Jersey

Two dormitories, Phase 8 and 9 at the campus of Ramapo College in New Jersey, are examples of engaging natural features, orientation, creating a great academic and learning environment.

Phase 8 finds its location within the wetlands and responds to orientation by adjusting its facade. Form, materials and spatial articulations are result of absorption of immediate and conceptual contextual forces ,hence commencing a meaningful dialog with environment .

Phase 9 identifies the missing links in the campus in creating couple of quads and gateways , bringing scale and mystery to the educational environment.

Frank Sabouri with PS&S New Jersey.

Environmental, Design & Construction
2005 Excellence in Design Award Institutional, Non-Profit, Educational or
Healthcare Category

Residential Architect
2005 Merit Award Campus Housing Category

Consulting Engineers Council of New Jersey (CECNJ)
2005 Merit Award for Engineering Excellence Special Projects Category

College Planning and Management
Best of 2005 Honorable Mention
Education Design Category

New York Construction
Best of 2004 Project Merit Award
Institutional/Higher Education Category

(with PSS )