CHINA, ( Off The Grid ) Energy Island in Haiku, Hainan Island, China

ENERGY ISLAND, Haikou, Hainan
Offshore of Haiku, north of Hainan Island in South China Sea developers intend to create an island / waterfront tourism community connected via an elevated causeway of one and half kilometer length to the main land. This is to take advantage of the natural deeper sea ( about two kilometers from the shore line ) to access the ocean liners and larger vessels for regional tourism.
Our concept is to take advantage of the specific ocean environment, protecting natural resources and integrating with Resident Energy / Off the Grid ( sun, wind, geothermal, wave, tide ) and express Natural Sense of Place with a hybrid of traditional technology and high-tech, kinetic, floating and membrane structures . In a way “fishing for energy” and self contained
Man-made islands, as observed today, create the most expensive land ever engineered but rarely express deeper dimensions of their unique conditions, sense of place, exposure to intense horizons, while bathing in surrounding natural and renewable energy .
In most of them energy and resources are all imported via causeways from the mainland and not taking advantage of their unique conditions and not being sustainable .
Our design principles include combination of diverse land uses , integrated with pedestrian, bikes and wet/dry transit systems, reducing relying on automobile. Also a creative Geo-Engineering infrastructure to capture rainwater as renewable fresh water reservoir.