CHINA, ShuangQiao New Town, ChongQing

As an important part of this new town was a public civic center with 5,000 cars underneath. Story of the Place, poetical interpretation of wavy green pastorals , inspired us to offer a wavy field , covering porous parking underneath, with islands of light and sunken gardens , to recall countryside experiences surrounding this new ecological urbanism. Undulating, wavy gesture of the new ground condition is supported by gravity conscious clustered columns and at the edges become a continuous roof , creating un- programmed Spaces- in-Between and organic dialog with the urban context. Random catchment geometries transform into Temporal Ponds, the tissue looking to the parking beneath , become translucent and transferring dancing light to the parking below. This natural Symphony of light, shadows, gardens, slopes suggest an exciting and happy alternative to design of large public spaces, parking and engaging architectonics of Event Spaces.