Building Area: 37,700 sm
1030 student, 150 teachers

This existing boarding school and teachers training campus is located by a major elevated highway in Luwan District in Shanghai. Views from the many commuters on the elevated highway demands the roofscape to be the sky-façade.
There are major additions, renovations and design of playfields and dormitory facilities for students and training teachers. The site is a tight, complicated access and angulated geometry making it challenging for playgrounds and new structures to relate as an academic environment.
A major six story classroom block with a narrow linear atrium was also renovated and by eliminating some classroom masses in certain floors, elevated light and green courts emerged to bring new life to non-functioning archaic structure. . This act of bringing POROSITY in the mass lightens the building and creates a happy, light-full environment for students and teachers.
Also by focusing on Spaces-in-Between new courtyards emerged bringing a sense of space suitable to mitigate noisy and chaotic surrounding urban texture.
(with BMP )