The Morris Plains site represents a significant asset in the Pfizer real estate portfolio. There was a need to integrate existing structures and remedy environmental issues such as flooding into a unified strategic master plan and enhancing positive natural features of the site and offering to the larger community.
Some issues are:
+The site is bisected by route 53
+Significant flood plain on both side of the road
+Existing buildings ,some to be demolished or re-fitted
+An existing heliport to be maintained in its current configuration
Proposed master Plan reshapes the flood plain and integrates with larger regional plans
New development creates new office/labs environment , interconnected with an interior walkways system, promoting interactions and innovations.
Also the mandate includes creating a positive (representative of quality and tradition of the corporation ), attractive ,sustainable image for the pharmaceutical village.
Spaces-in-Between, hierarchy of Gateways, day and night images, fast and slow moving road facing façade variations, pedestrian scale and symbolic projection of high tech were among the guidelines. ( with PSS )